Do you consider yourself an active person? Could you say you work towards a
healthy lifestyle? Maybe being active started to be a part of your daily life and it is
natural that you start to think about changing your diet and discovering sports

What are nutrition and supplements?
Nutrition is an important part of many sports training regimens, especially popular in
strength and endurance sports. The story about sports nutrition started in the US in
the 1940s as an answer to the needs of bodybuilders to obtain the nutrition they
needed but in a convenient format. Even earlier, scientists knew that the food and
nutrients you take could affect an athlete’s performance.

With the growth of the awareness of the healthy lifestyle and importance of regular
exercise the demand for this type of product has increased. Today sports nutrition is
not reserved only for professional athletes but for anyone that is physically active
and wants to perform better or recover a little quicker. These new supplements
were created to make it easier for users to consume the energy they need. Let’s not
forget, sports nutrition products should supplement your active lifestyle and
should be in conjunction with a nutritious diet.

Why have we developed Amplify?
And while many of you will search for products that will help you with performance,
we are sure that for others performance improvement is not the key motivator. Right?

While we seek specific food and nutrition products that can support our lifestyles, our key motivators are different.

Some of us see sports nutrition and supplements as an integrated part of our lives
and we don’t want to complicate it. We are sure you will do the research before
purchasing, but we know that what you want are products that fit naturally in our
healthy and active lifestyle. What we choose should not only be healthy, help us
reach our goals but it also has to taste good real good.

Having that in mind, all key motivators of athletes and active persons, we have
developed Amplify products. They are not just healthy, full of nutrients, but also taste